The great irony of this service and our site, is that, in many ways the site itself, and what goes on inside – is of limited relevance. We manage the accounts and the profiles within the site on your behalf and ask you to do nothing.

This is the true basis of our proposition, essentially you do very little and let us get on with it.

You only need to help us by checking:

  • How we have your profile lined up.
  • Are we pinpointing the right type of connections for you?
  • Over time, are we getting you the right opportunities?
121 Business Network profile screen

Think of it like this, the inside of the site – the member area – lets you see what we are doing, but there is no need for you to do anything in the site yourself.

The goal is simple - we do the legwork.

You only need to get active once we have provided you with an introduction or an opportunity – to turn that introduction/opportunity into a long-term positive for your business.

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