Giving121 is a classic 121 concept, we help people who need support get that support from people who can provide it.

We put people together on a 1-2-1 basis, in this case those who cannot afford care, education or healthy food with those who can afford to help pay for it.

Here’s the three areas you can donate 1-2-1

  • Pay for respite care
  • Pay for childcare
  • Pay for healthy food parcels

Are you looking to give?

Then this is a simple Idea.

If you want to help someone you can now do so 1-2-1

This means your donation will actually pay for someone to receive respite care or a place at pre-school nursery or to receive a healthy food parcel.

You can pick exactly what you do. And what you want to support.

Your payment goes directly to help/support one recipient.

Are you looking for help?

If you want support for care, nursery school for a child or you want to receive healthy food straight to your door, then we have people who are prepared to help financially.

You can contact us either directly or through a third-party (agency/charity etc.) and we will – subject to verification – then find a dedicated source of help for you. For example, this could be someone who will pay for respite care to allow you, if you are a home carer, have some time off.

How it works

How does it work?

If you are looking for help complete the form below which will give us your basic details and a little background, this will remain safeguarded with us. If your situation can be verified, we will then seek to supply you with the exact support you need, paid for by a donor, a person who wants to help and has the means to do so.

If you wish to explore with us becoming a supporter and helping financially to support worthy cases then please also use this form to get in touch.

If you work for an agency, charity or other body where you have cases which need help and could benefit from this unique arrangement – please also use the form below to contact us.



What does verification mean? You will respect the fact that in providing this we need to ensure that any recipients are genuinely in need of the help that will be given. We may need to seek further information or a referral, for example from a third party (e.g. children’s centre). Verification will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

What happens once you fill the form out?

If you are seeking help, we will be in touch within a day or so to start organising how we can help and the exact method by which we do this. We can discuss verification and then, from there, what we can do to get you or your family the service you need to help you.

We cannot guarantee any help will be forthcoming, but if your case or cause is valid we will do whatever we can to tap into our donor network and facilitate.

If you are looking to support – we will be in touch to discuss exactly how this works and how you can join our list of donors.

If I get support will I know who has donated?

If you want us to release your details to the donor we will do so (but only to them), the donors also have the anonymity rights, but they too can waive these, so you can communicate together if required. Both recipient and donor must waive their anonymity for any details to be released to each other.

Enquiry Form

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Giving121 is run by 121 Business Network and Independent Check Ltd. In completing this enquiry form we will keep your details and all data secure and private, for more information please see our Privacy Policy

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